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Car Photos

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The Phaeton (yes, the car you will be riding in!) is photographed and mentioned in this publication on page 131. The book, dated 1969 by Joseph H Wherry, describes the California Concours Automobile competition in the late 1960 era.

Book/bookcover.jpg Book/bookp131.jpg

Historical Photos
These photos are from the late 60s showing the restoration in progress.

Restoration/readyforupholstery.jpg Restoration/May1968.jpg Restoration/bw3.jpg Restoration/OscoroBW.jpg
Restoration/1969Concours.jpg Restoration/engine.jpg Restoration/bw2.jpg Restoration/1968Win.jpg

Historical Documentation
This gallery contains two letters that trace the lineage of the Phaeton from the original manufacture date of Feb 5, 1929 through the present day. I purchased the car from Lloyd B Greir on April 3, 2008.

RestorationDocs/1.jpg RestorationDocs/2.jpg RestorationDocs/3.jpg RestorationDocs/4.jpg