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Frequently Asked Questions


  • Can we ride in the Car?

Yes, however, you do so solely at your own risk. I am not a transportation for hire company. While there is a fee for my services, the fee is not for transportation services. The fee I charge is for providing the car for your event. If you choose to ride in the car, there is no fee for this, and you accept all risks associated with riding in the vehicle. 

  • If we choose to ride in the vehicle, is the Model A safe to ride in?
Yes. As with any thing in life however, there is some risk. I have provided the vehilce to several  hundred customers over the past years and I have a 100% clean safety record. The most risk occurs, of course, when people choose to ride in the vehicle. Remember, this car was built over 80 years ago. There are no air bags, hydraulic brakes, seat belts or even blinkers (I use hand signals). The car remains true to its roots to this day. When you ride in the vehicle, I reduce the risk to negligible levels with the following stipulations:
  • The vehicle never travels faster then 25 mph.
  • We travel exclusively on local backroads and never on highways.
  • There is always a chase car following directly behind us with four-way flashers on for safety.
  • The Model A always has on its own flashing rear light whenever it is traveling.
  • If we choose to ride in the vehicle, what paperwork needs to be signed?  
Again, if you choose to ride in the vehicle, you assume all risk. I will require a waiver form be signed prior to the trip. You can download the waiver from this web site (go to the Waiver Download Tab) and send it to me at don@antique-rides.com.
  • What if we decide to ride in the Phaeton and it breaks down while on the road?
If you choose to ride in the vehicle, you (the customer) will be required to provide a trail vehicle that will follow the Phaeton during the trip. This trail vehicle must have four way flashers on for the duration of travel. If for any reason the Phaeton breaks down, this trail vehicle can be used as needed. Although it is highly unlikely that the Phaeton will break down, this is an authentic 1929 vehicle and it comes with its own 'personality' that the cars of today do not share.  Riding in the Phaeton is much more of an adventure than riding in todays modern automotive vehicles. Since 2009, the car has been 100% on time and completed every trip without mechanical incident - they don't build them like this any more.
  • Is tipping required?         
A tip is, of course, not required, but if I provide exceptional service, a tip is greatly appreciated.
  • If the weather turns bad, what happens?
Rain, snow, extreme cold, and even dangerously high winds are all reasons for cancellation. The car is open in the sides, and wet weather means the 80 year ol' girl ain't goin' outside. Besides, bad weather would make for lousy pictures.
  • Can customers drive the Phaeton?
No. But, of course, you can sit in the front seat and take as many photos as you like to give the appearance of someone driving the car.
  • Can we tape things to the back of the Phaeton such as "Just Married" signs?
No. I have some very nice "Just Married" magnetic signs that I will put on passenger door of the vehicle if you want. The paint on the car is expensive laquer and is expensive to maintain so I don't let anyone tape or tie anything to the vehicle.
  • How much does it cost?
The only fee I charge is for transportation of the vehilce to your event, and for time on site. Generally this is in the hundred twenty-five dollar range for the Fredericksburg, VA area. The fee climbs higher the farther away from Fredericksburg you get. Quotes are provided via email or telephone.
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